NPC Services has 20 years experience completing discrete repairs, performing value adding improvements and restoring many historically significant and heritage designated buildings to their original state.  The craftsmen at NPC use modern techniques and tooling, but have revived the knowledge of materials and details foundational to traditional building.  NPC are experts at restoring buildings damaged by fire or water no mater how scant the evidence may be, replacing important fixtures that have become damaged, neglected or lost over time, and converting historic buildings for new uses.  Some of our largest projects have been heritage restorations.

RENWOOD HOUSE : Fire Restoration – Cobourg, ON

Exterior Before Restoration

Exterior After Restoration

Archway Before Restoration

Archway After Restoration

Interior Before Restoration

Interior After Restoration

Roof Detail Before Restoration

Roof Detail After Restoration

Stairs Before Restoration

Stairs Rebuilt After Restoration

Roof Before Restoration

Roof After Restoration

“In the spring of 2001 ERA Architects Inc was retained to provide architectural services to restore a fire-damaged 1870’s heritage-designated farm villa  (Renwood House) near Cobourg, Ontario for which NPC Services received the contract. Throughout the two-year duration of the sensitive restoration, NPC Services provided high-quality general contracting in all aspects of the work from the co-ordination of subtrades to determining complex millwork details. ERA collaborated with NPC to produce basic architectural information pieced together from archival photographs and remnants from the fire. With this information NPC then filled-out the scope of work and the original finishing details. Modern conveniences were incorporated and previously underused spaces were adapted to fit discretely into the restoration. Neal Pope and his team crafted all of these into reality with excellent detailing, professional carpentry skills and a sound understanding of historical integrity and heritage restoration principles. Neal and his team were a pleasure to work with and foresaw scheduling or construction problems well in advance and resolved them so the work could continue without delays or interruption. NPC’s attention to craft and quality materials resulted in a truly fine restoration of this heritage home. It was a fruitful collaboration and one that ERA would happily enter into again. ” M. McClelland OAA RAIC E.R.A. Architects Inc.




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  • See one of our stunning kitchens featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Our Homes Magazine!

    See one of our stunning kitchens featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Our Homes Magazine!