For over twenty years, NPC Services has been purposely molded into a multi-craft construction company dedicated to the training of its employees. My early experiences in the building trade convinced me that very few contractors had a plan to thoroughly educate their tradesmen and supervisors. Skills and knowledge that at one time were considered foundational were almost completely disappearing. Worst of all, the most promising individuals were often rushed into supervisory roles without enough practical experience and exposure to the methods of other trades they would be working beside and perhaps be required to supervise.

As a result, I have made it my priority to understand every aspect of the construction industry, and along the way to research and revive the knowledge and craftsmanship that has allowed traditional building systems to last for generations. Now this attitude is consistent throughout our company. In addition to learning the complete scope of carpentry work, apprentices are groomed for one or more specialties within the trade, and NPC supervisors are ready for their role. This has created a system were the work is planned and executed by a well trained team, with a consistency of construction methods and lots of experience in the tool box. We do work to be proud of!


Neal Pope

NPC backs all of our services with industry standard warranties and guarantees. We strive to support and promote our staff, to help develop new tradesmen for the future, and to maintain excellent relationships with all of our suppliers and sub-contractors.  But above all our goal is to provice consistent value and quality workmanship to our customers.








    Introducing our line of all-wood historically accurate, technically correct, heritage styled windows and doors!

  • See one of our stunning kitchens featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Our Homes Magazine!

    See one of our stunning kitchens featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Our Homes Magazine!