Enhanced Security


At Heritage Fine Windows and Doors, we build Enhanced Security and Safety features into every one of our window and door products.

First we use solid hardwood in every component of your window or door, with increased sectional dimensions, to make the construction of our products as strong and formidable to crooks as possible. Next we use the most secure and homeowner friendly hardware we can find for each standard model or custom design. Finally we execute the construction of our products with the strongest joinery possible to ensure that bad guys hit a brick wall if they try to come into your home or business.

Every Custom Exterior Door Unit features multi-point locks as standard hardware.

The Sterling TG Tilt and Turn Window is the most secure window on the market utilizing the most sophisticated tilt and turn multi-point locking system available.

The Barrymore TG Traditional Sash and Case Window includes secure ventilation locks to restrict the amount the window will open and discourage forced entry. Crime statistics indicate that entrance doors and windows are the most common point of access for burglars.

We are making it our mission to do everything possible in the design and manufacture of our products to secure your home and business from unwanted entry.