Glazing Options


  • single pane glass


  • ½ inch LOWE2 glass Argon filled
  • gains energy passively
  • quietness and safety with multifunctional insulation glazing


The term “Low-E” Glass refers to a clear glass, with an invisibly thin coating of metal oxide. “Low-E” Glass works by reflecting heat back to its source.The metal oxide coating keeps heat inside during cold climates and keeps heat outside during warmer climates.

“Low-E” stands for “low emissivity”, meaning that the glass in the window allows a small portion of energy to penetrate through. Low-E2 allows for the least amount of solar heat to enter the home, while still allowing light in for visibility.

Low-Emissivity, or Low-E, refers to a coating on glass or window film that reduces heat loss through the window film. The lower the emissivity rating, the better the insulation characteristic of the glazing system in regard to heat loss.

A measurement of heat transfer through film due to outdoor/indoor temperature differences which your. The lower the U-value, the less heat transfers. When using performance data, a lower U-value is desirable for heat management.