WoodSmart Technology


Heritage Fine Windows and Doors manufacture using solid hardwood because wood products outperform other materials based on environmental measurements such as embodied energy and greenhouse gas emissions.  Wood is proving to be the most environmentally responsible building material available, making it the green choice.  Wood resources are renewable, and when properly managed, harvesting and reforestration produce a measurable benefit to the environment.

Smart as a Green Choice

If you’re concerned about environmental issues wood should be your choice in windows. Wood is the only renewable resource currently used in the manufacture of windows, with billions of trees replanted yearly. Wood windows use less energy during manufacture than windows made from any other material – meaning fewer greenhouse gases in the air. While growing and maturing, trees absorb and use CO2, changing greenhouse gases into the building blocks we know as wood. Because they are part of the natural working environment, wood products are increasingly recognized as tools to combat climate change.



Smart and Strong


Unlike artificial products, wood works in harmony with the ecosystem, blending naturally with the surrounding landscape.  With modern technology improving wood window design, modern factory finished and glazed wood windows are the longest lasting of all types of commonly used windows with live expectancy of 40 years plus. No other material used for windows is more durable than wood.

Only wood windows can be repaired when damaged or scratched. Vinyl and aluminum windows which claim to be maintenance free are in reality un-maintainable.

The natural strength and stability of wood makes wooden sash the best defence against break-ins and extreme weather conditions. Wood is not temperature sensitive and thrives under moist conditions. Wood windows perform at their peak for generations.