French Casement

Using modern tooling, the Grange TG is manufactured with traditional sash sections modified for thermal glazing, and can be supplied with interior and exterior muntin bars to match a wide variety of applications. The traditional construction and appearance of this window make it ideal for restoration work or new buildings, especially in heritage designations where a historically accurate replacement is required for existing single glazed windows, but improved R-value, soundproofing, weathersealing, and other benefits of modern windows are desired. The Grange TG (and SG) are unique among Double French Casement designs, using a concealed astragal that eliminates the need for a center mullion.







Sash Inward opening for ventilation and ease of cleaning.  Traditional butt hinges, casment latch,  cremone, surface or flush locking hardware available in a variety of metals and finishes
Security Solid brass stays restrict the sash from fully opening and a variety of styles can be incorporated by specification
Operational and Thermal Performance Full compression  weatherstripping, combined with improvements to the traditional design, offer a superior window with modern weatherseal and ease of operation, while retaining all of the classic French Casement appearances.  Performance testing is underway to certify this design as Energy Star Qualified
Glazing The sash will accept sealed units up to a recommended thickness of 20mm. Thermal units secured with a bevelled wood stop
Construction Select and Better Spanish cedar is the standard lumber used in the Grange TG traditional French casement. Weatherseal: Full compression poly-vinyl, welded at corners
Joinery Machine made traditional mortise and tenon joinery used in sash construction. Frames use rebated box joints glued and mechanically fastened
Adhesive Waterproof, non-toxic glue passing ANSI/HPVA Type 1 water-resistance used in the Grange TG traditional French casement window.
Priming Ultra Hide 250 Gripper 100% acrylic bonding primer-sealer.
Painting Factory finished with Devoe Devflex 4216HP High Performance Waterbourne Semi-Gloss Enamel. Premium quality, low VOC acrylic semi-gloss enamel for high traffic interiors/exterior uses
Options Multi-Sash Units:  Superior weatherseal and thermal performance acheived without the use of center mullions typical in traditional French and modern casement windows by incorporating a specially designed concealed astragal.  Flyscreen included, storm sash – extra
Environmental Impact The use of wood has the least environmental impact and the most environmental benefit of any manufactured window material.